Tentacular is an online poetry, responses and arts magazine, issued three times a year.

It wants to be playful, exploratory, and warmly welcoming.  To create connections, a tissue of interactions, by curating deliberate journeys and juxtapositions through the magazine and beyond.  It does this in particular with hyperlink ‘tentacles' at the foot of each piece, on each side of the Home button.  Some of these links are suggested by contributors themselves.  Most are my own choices to provoke reflection. 

Tentacular is looking for poems from all traditions and none, with a leaning to risk.  Photos and artwork and visual poems.  Responses, critical or artistic, ‘re-viewing’, responding to anything: for example to a single line in a poem, or piece of culture in its widest sense, or iniquity in the world. 

Also a page, ‘Elsewhere’, that blogs more regularly on what else is happening or has happened in the poetry world (events, magazine issues, calls), and carries links to other live sites.  Far from comprehensive, but let me know if you have something you want to contribute, or want me to cover.

A magazine as a kind of reading & writing animal.  Which evolves, reaches out, asks you to involve yourself in its creation.