Tentacular is currently looking for poetry, responses and art for issue 4. There’s a loose theme for this issue, of ‘translation’(click to see more), though we’d still very much like to receive all kinds of work. The deadline for submissions is July 21.


Leaning to risk and experiment, but open to any work that plays with purpose, tests the boundaries, ‘Selves – goes itself ’.  Please send 5 poems or fewer, on a maximum of 5 pages.  Translations (with permissions if required), visual poems, audio and short video pieces very welcome.


A seeing again, a reflection, a response in whatever form to something in whatever form.  A fragment, an essay, a classic review, an experimental review, a poem or image that responds to something else.   Pitch ideas at any time, or just send on spec by the deadline above.

Art & Photos

Up to ten images.

Or – a reasonable-length hybrid of any of the above.  

Feel free, though it's entirely optional, to suggest ‘tentacles’ of your own when submitting, to work in the magazine or hyperlinks to other sites.

Please use standard formats such as Word doc, pdf, jpeg, mp3 etc if you can.  I will work with you to ensure the visual quality of your contribution is preserved as far as possible, whether in the house style or as an image. 

Include a bio.  Send to Jonathan Catherall at:  tentacularmag@gmail.com

Turnaround time: aiming for 6 weeks after deadline.


Elsewhere is a rolling blog-type section - for your more immediate write-ups of a launch or event, a time-critical opinion piece, or a response to a new issue of an online or offline magazine.  The most recent post also goes onto the front page.  For this, feel free to suggest contributions at any time.  I can normally put up your piece within a few days.