For Issue 4, Tentacular will have a loose theme, ‘translation’. The aim of the theme is to inspire, not to exclude. We’re still very interested in receiving work that has no relationship to the theme.

Translation (lat. ‘carrying across, transference of meaning’, ME. ‘removal of saint’s body or relics to a new place’) could involve pretty much anything, eg:

  • translations from one art form or mode of communication to another

  • carryings over from science or other practices

  • ‘close’ or ‘literal’ translations of poems (with permissions if required, with collaborations)

  • ‘expanded’ translations and playful versions

  • poems on the topics of migration or movement or carrying

  • poems addressing the influence of other poetic voices

  • movements between registers

  • (challenges to) mimesis

  • onomatopoeia

  • personae, and the thorny issue of adopting the voice(s) of another

  • creative and critical reflections or positions on all the above and on the practice of translation (however defined) are particularly welcome