Come & CeleBrate Long Poem Magazine!

With the launch of Issue 20 at the Barbican Library on Monday October 29th, editors Linda Black and Claire Crowther celebrate the 10th anniversary of Long Poem Magazine.

The editorial states: ‘We are ambitious for contemporary poetry; we reach across continents to find the many ways of extending a poem, and we present a variety of stylistic approaches. Balladeer, modernist, surrealist, confessional or whatever poet you identify as – your work will be included here if it takes skilful advantage of the glorious opportunities of a long poem. What are those? Mimi Khalvati, quoted in the editorial for Issue One, says a long poem is: ‘as much a space to flex one’s muscles, grapple with problems, identify weaknesses, as it is to mine rich seams, give way to obsessions and vent to narrative.’


Fitting for a magazine not afraid of length, depth or breadth, we give big-field page size to present our poems. The magazine has doubled in page number since its early days. Every issue is an anthology of the best contemporary long poetry.’

Come along and join the celebration, with poets Mimi Khalvati, Annie Freud, Lisa Fannen, Terence Dooley, Penelope Shuttle, Joan Michaelson, Robert Vas Dias, Martin Stannard, John Greening, Kate Ling, Mark Goodwin and Agieszka Studzinska.

MONDAY OCTOBER 29th, 6 to 9pm

Barbican Library,  Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2 8DS