Edmund Hardy

Massive Address

for Geelia

Another ambient homeland pipes up,
lossy in the under-gloom’s
love for anyone-at-all gone mild: “this honey-cake
with 17 layers made by a nun” is not even like, &
were it so kind
to say “One thing expressing,
leaves difference” as if
the gloom could figure
silicon retrained, then: Photosystem 1
for under-reading, sunlight
to one
of one, still such residue of contradictions,
slow dying, over-outlined & mis-recognised when compression
is less than wet with life, around this table, wonky
with tear-shaped axe: not even then,
windowless in massive address,
skidding on the glass floor frosted: for the love of.
Yes cryptic, I didn’t mean to be so sphinxy, I just meant to write about
the stack and the intra-differences of pain’s containment.

Edmund Hardy is a critic and poet. He was born in Tokyo and is Anglo-Japanese. His book on chiasmus and the history of poetic thinking in language is Complex Crosses (Contraband Books, 2014). Most recently he has written articles on race and contemporary poetry; on Chinese late T'ang poems; and on solidarity in Marxist philosophies of language.