Dominic Hale

Footing the Leaves

for TC, HC, LR

Go live.
Lean into it
and mean, roaming on
currents and currents,
bewaring of phishing.

Left eye. Left eyelid.
Your shoe, you’re shoeless.

So what of software,
duping the pavement, route in
my router, hair for your hairspray.

[ ]

To sigh with.

I really do, I really do.
Cashless and cashless.

Footing the bill, footing
the kerbside, pathless
and pathless, prising the
guesses, footing the leaves,
sparrow for sparrow.
Cloud can or
cud can. *dies*

[ ]

I really do.

Blew it.
LAN as a line,
wowed as a stabiliser.

Life intuit. Nothing
borrowed, nothing
to it. And there you are.
There you go, doing tomorrow.

Dominic Hale co-edits the zines CUMULUS and MOTE. He has published a couple of books, Time Zone (Spam Press 2018) and Solar Panel (glyph press, 2019).