Stephen Emmerson

from A Book of Poems

A book of poems called Mirrors which is made up of antonymical versions of well known poems.

A book of poems written by converting the selected poems of Emily Dickinson into music using the software available at The software also creates musical notation. The first words from 52 Dickinson poems are assigned to the white keys, and the second words from 36 Dickinson poems are assigned to the black keys. The musical notation created by the software is then played on a piano and the words assigned to each note played are written down thus creating a new work.

A book of poems in the form of a pharmacological experiment.
Ten volunteers are selected and sent a vial of lactose pills and instructed to take one everyday at lunch time for seven days.

After this period of time the dose should be increased to two pills a day.

After fourteen days the volunteers are instructed to stop taking the pills and start writing. They must write as many poems as they can in a twenty four hour period.

The resulting texts should be sent back to the address on the vial of pills. These texts will be collated and published as a book of poems called The Experiment.

A book of poems created by noting down the first thing that is said to you everyday for a year.

A book of poems comprised of rejection letters received after submitting this sentence as a poem to various magazines.

A book of poems created by taking photographs of the covers of 75 books of poems. Each photo is analysed by the plant identification app Pl@ntNet. Each book title is printed near the top of the page in the new book of poems, the edition is also stated. Underneath this, near the bottom of the page the plant or flower that has been identified as this book is printed.

For example:

Dante, The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso
Translated by Robin Kirkpatrick, Penguin Classics, 2012.

Zantedeschia Aethiopica, Altar Lily.

A book of poems written via a list of subscribers. An advertisement is issued asking people to sign up for one years worth of Mail Art Poems, subscription is £12. Every month a new poem will be sent. The first poem sent out to subscribers is a blank sheet of paper that has been screwed into a ball and flattened out again. A note is included asking the subscribers to reply. Once the replies have been received, collated and photocopied, they are sent to the other subscribers on the list as if in answer to their replies. They are in turn asked to reply and their replies are sent to each other. This continues for the remainder of the subscription. At the end of the twelve months the photocopies of the replies are printed in a volume and published.

Stephen Emmerson is the author of Comfortable Knives (KFS), Family Portraits, Poetry Wholes and A Piece (all If P Then Q), The Journal of Baal (Veer), and Invisible Poems (ZimZalla). More information can be found at