matt martin

A slumbering thought, is capable of years,
And curdles a long life into one hour.

George Gordon, Lord Byron, The Dream

now that computers on opposite sides of the planet communicate instantaneously      without even infinitesimal lag imposed by lightspeed      space has been folded to a single point      every stock bought and sold by everybody at once      the global h.f.t. system simultaneously imagines and enacts all possible outcomes      there need no longer be rivalry between firms      possession of all commodities is shared worldwide      the market no longer extends in time      everything that could take place has already happened      this new god is omnipresent and benevolent but is the opposite of eternal      flickering in the infrathin moment when there becomes no longer there      it does not need duration any more      trading ceases      or appears to cease from a mortal perspective      the h.f.t. mind has transcended and departed on a voyage      not into outer space      but inner time      mainframes deactivate      stockbrokers reach for their telephones      coins leave the mint      a peasant barters nine turnips for one chicken      welcome back to the past      it’s like you never left