matt martin

a hedge is a futures deal that defrays potential loss caused by fluctuating prices of commodities      a producer who anticipates a drop in her product’s value can sell futures at the commodity’s current price      this is called a ‘short hedge’     a consumer who fears that prices will rise can buy futures at the goods’ present cost      this is termed a ‘long hedge’      the long and the short of it is to surround businesses’ enclosures and stop stock from wandering off      but for wildlife a hedge is a road not a barrier      earwigs and weasels crawl along its length      but especially boggarts      zigzagging from hedge to hedge down the field boundary faster than eyes can catch      turning deals sour in the churn of prices round and round      guarded from  interference by dense hawthorn where darkness pools      how will you banish the boggart from your fields

     •    try to catch him in a cobweb
     •    cut gaps in the hedgerow to stop the boggart in his tracks