matt martin

you are either trapped in      or perhaps at one with      the web of microwaves beaming from dish to dish between london’s skyscrapers      energy circulates and summons wealth into the bank accounts of corporations      this three-dimensional geometry is more complex and powerful than any occultist’s pentagram      but the shape is less elegant      instead of a circuit the power gathers into an east-west axis      the nexus of businesses in the city often transmits signals to data centres at canary wharf in the east end and park royal in west london      or further in those directions for international transmission via basildon and slough      this axis approximately follows the route of crossrail a.k.a. the elizabeth line      named after the british throne’s current seat-warmer      in fact monarchism is written all the way through these transmissions like the lettering through sticks of seaside rock      slough’s palatial data centre is on buckingham way and sits near the queen’s residence at windsor      signals pass through park royal      basildon’s etymology is obscure but the modern name echoes greek βασιλεύς or ‘king’      the whole an upscaling of the monarch’s face appearing on every coin and banknote      how will you respond to this structural imbalance of power

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