matt martin

july 1986      the ceremony for the turning of the sod to initiate construction at canary wharf      a grand marquee has been erected amid the west india docks’ derelict warehouses      a flagstone is pried up so the governor of the bank of england may attack the sparse soil below with his ritual trowel      politicians and businessmen assemble      suddenly a flock of sheep stampedes through the proceedings      the locals of the isle of dogs dislike this regeneration plan      canary wharf jobs are for bankers and lawyers and not for ex-dockers like them      animals from a nearby city farm have been borrowed and hidden overnight inside a vacant warehouse      after the sheep have caused panic the dockers tip over beehives from the farm      thousands of angry bees pursue the governor of the bank of england      that’s you by the way      this is what happens when thousands of tiny phenomena that you might ignore as individuals are combined within a brief period      how will you evade the swarm of high frequency protesters

     •    become a spider whose webs might ensnare the bees
     •    compel their obedience by enrolling them all in a pyramid scheme