matt martin

the big bang resounded on 27 october 1986      creating an economic universe      new u.k. legislation deregulated financial services      enabling electronic trades and the relocation of banks to canary wharf      before this took place the market was a singularity without the passage of time      or might as well have been considering how slowly business proceeded      h.f.t. aims to achieve the infinitesimal timeframe of events following astronomy’s big bang      subatomic particles forming within trillionths of a second after the explosion commenced      an explosion which still continues      we and everything else are part of this blast that expands capital’s purlieu into spaces and times that haven’t existed yet      what are they trying to blow up      anything that isn’t part of capital      dark matter accretes in pools whose existence can only be deduced from how the visible universe reacts to them      they make up most of reality but no one knows whether they can even be observed by anything not itself part of the dark pool      what experiment will you perform to detect this hidden pleroma

    •    gauge its size using a new form of computer programming
    •    worship it as a god and pray to it for divine guidance