matt martin

the michael jackson song ‘thriller’ fills the air      on the anniversary of lehman brothers investment bank’s collapse      demonstrators have gathered in the plaza beside the bank’s former offices at canary wharf      this is all done with permission from the company that owns the land      a firm the majority of whose shares are owned by the qatari royal family      there are fifty or sixty protesters      all angry about how government money has been diverted away from public services to prolong the lives of failing banks      ‘zombie bank’ is a term in the financial press to designate these undead corporations      half the demonstrators are dressed as public sector workers      nurses in uniform      teachers with mortarboards      whatever a librarian looks like      the others are clad in bankers’ pinstripes      but also in zombie makeup      they shamble after the public servants and try to consume their brains      but this subversive necromancy is contained in one section of the plaza      not blocking anyone’s access to the nearby underground station      the zombies are bound by the landowners’ more powerful sorcery      reduced to spectacle for entertainment of genuine bankers      you need to undo the binding spell and set the undead free      so that the carcasses of zombie banks themselves might be consumed      how will you release them

     •    unleash the forces of nature against the authors of the binding spell
     •    edit the narrative so that the problem is solved in moments through montage