matt martin

“pale worms of capitalist cheese”      is one of pablo neruda’s  insults against insipid poets      he thereby invented an improvement in h.f.t.      in fact wormholes riddle all matter in the universe      just as everything gets absorbed into the overmind of capital      now these wormholes are not psychedelic tunnels in space that science fiction starships plunge through to distant galaxies      they’re at subatomic scale      stray electrons can be observed vanishing and simultaneously reappearing nearby      maintaining trajectory and speed so that we know they are identical      these apparent teleportations occur through wormholes      by stabilising these routes through the cosmic cheese you let signals move between points instantly      even to the far side of the world      lag is reduced to zero      all neurons hyperlink to all others in a brain spread across the planet’s surface      worms evolve telepathy so the cheese becomes sentient      intelligence spread throughout its embodied consciousness      but what will you ask it to think about

     •    order it to calculate all possible developments on the global market
     •    demand a harder task i.e. that it explains hedge funds